Dividend Series 2017 Q1

So a quick review of the first quarterly dividends of the year! Hurray I made it to the 1 year mark of my first post. The thing with writing and saving and many things we do in life is you need to be committed. If you want to get good at it, you need to be committed and be prepared to put in the hard yards. Many Ideas, Loads of Imagination but not so much production. I think I need to try harder. I think the key is to keep going at it relentlessly. No one said it was easy.

Similar number of units in the portfolio from the last quarter, according to my accounts department. The snowball is marginally gathering momentum I hope.

On another note, it was tough getting the site sorted past month with hosting my own domain and getting all the site content transferred across. I still have no clue how I did it myself. Too much confusing information and guides out there on the world wide web (more like the ‘wild wild west’) The theme is still not my ideal theme but I will have to make do with it for now. I hope to get a more professional looking interface that is easy on the eye when I have the luxury of thinking about it more. Life is a bitch when you are stuck in Prison Camp.


One thought on “Dividend Series 2017 Q1

  1. Hi FP,

    Congratulations on the year! A real achievement to keep going, so keep it up!
    In terms of the dividends, the snowball is indeed a very slow start, but keep the faith, the first few years I found the hardest as it feels like you are making no progress (or very little), but think of it as putting more seeds into the ground – not a lot of visible progress, but give it time and it will be worth it! You are building a great foundation for your future there!

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