Dividends Series Q2 2017

Here’s my dividend report for Q2 2017.

A grand total of £490.20 bringing the cumulative total for this year to £787.61. In fact, it is already more than the grand total for the last 3 quarters for 2016. Something must be going right.


I am looking forward towards the end of the year where I can sit down and crunch some numbers to calculate dividend yield and all that. See where how my portfolio is doing compared to various indices.

Meanwhile on the monthly savings front, decent but not great.

Monthly saving July

Again missing out on doing accounts for month of April.

June and July was a month of spending on trips abroad and attending functions which were enjoyable and also useful to catch up with other old friends.

I am missing out on writing regularly which is a bit of a shame. A combination of interest in other subjects, non financially related and travel and learning about life in general. Sometimes feeling that my writing is not up to scratch. All in all, basically less motivated to write. I might try to write some articles of these non-financial stuff if only to consolidate my thoughts and ideas least I forget them.

As FiL’s post on What he learnt from blogging puts it, perhaps I am not prepared enough and underestimated the effort required. I must say though, getting some feedback from others writing and having similar goals helps with the motivation.




3 Replies to “Dividends Series Q2 2017”

  1. Hi FP,

    Thanks for the ping back, and congratulations on a great month! As long as you are at least saving something into the pots then your dividends will continue the slow but steady increase year on year.

    Sorry to hear that its been a challenge to keep the writing up – but, as they say, life is for living! It’s hard to keep focused on saving hard, writing a blog, holding down the day job and meeting up with friends and family. A difficult balance!

    1. I know. I think there is a particular struggle for millennials or for people in their 20s figuring out how to live their life. Which relationships to hold on to, which to let go, which to fight for, finding purpose in life and keeping your mind sane and focused throughout all that.

      I am sure if I keep at it, I will manage somehow. The key is to keep open minded and keep learning.


      1. Definitely! I didn’t have a clue when I was in my 20’s so it is only natural to be trying to find the way – the fact you are able to save and invest as you are doing it is a major plus side, so keep up the good work!

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