Financial Independence? How?

Plant your FIREplants today!                          And enjoy the fruits tomorrow!

How? How? How? I have decided I want achieve the fabled dream of being independent from all financial worries, but how do I get there?

To be honest, there are many many personal finance blogs out there describing the different ways or the technicalities of gaining FI much better than I can but the 2 main principles distilled down to its essence are:

  • Frugality
  • Building a passive income

Wait. Whaat?! This sounds uninspiring. I thought there was a bigger secret to it all. But in fact once you can build a large enough passive income to satisfy your spendings, surprise surprise, you will have arrived at FI, a land where you can shout out loud ‘I think I am going take a long holiday and travel around the world for a year,’ Or ‘I am going to try my hand at baking/cooking full time’ Or ‘I quit, you f***ing prick!’ to you boss. And know that you have a plan; a solid escape plan that will keep sustaining your daily life. You live to do what you want to. How is this not the dream of everyone alive?