The Pursuit of Freedom

We can only escape so far. We can only be so free. There is a point where we can no longer be free-er. Most times our own attitudes and fears are trapping ourselves. The environment most of us live in contributes to that as well.

I haven’t been feeling great these few days as I have taken 2 weeks off work and I know the team isn’t coping too well with other people being off sick and stuff. Imagine this, away on annual leave, but not getting peace along with it knowing you are contributing to part of the problem (not really, it’s the problem with the system i think). I think it is important to learn that live goes on with or without you. You are never the centre of the universe you thought you are. On the journey I realise there are many things other side of work that is worth valuing and spending time on (family, friends). On the other hand, the act of going to work gives me structure in daily life and new experiences.

A needless anxiety I shouldn’t be suffering. I need hasten my plan to build more of the plants to fuel this freedom.


One thought on “The Pursuit of Freedom

  1. Hi FIREplant

    Something we’ve all felt at one time or another. And the more invested in work you are the more you feel it. I used to be the go to man and would always worry about even taking a day or two off (especially so in fact, and if you took a week or two it would take you at least a few days of your holiday to forget about work).

    Sure enough when you get back life has indeed “gone on” and although they may have had a hard time they got through it. It wasn’t your fault so try not to worry about such things, if possible!

    Friends and family are always much more important than work so spend your time thinking about them instead, especially when you are with them 🙂

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